Exhibitor Feedback

We received feedback from a total of 28 exhibitors. First, they were asked to rate the event according to the well-known 5-star system:

What was particularly positive from the exhibitors' point of view?

In the offered free text fields the following points are named:

What can be improved?

The following can be improved from the point of view of the exhibitors:

Participation in the next forum

75% of the exhibitors spontaneously answer "yes". A few exhibitors are not yet able to make a binding statement or have not made a statement. It is remarkable that nobody excludes participation in the next forum:


All in all, the exhibitors are very satisfied with the event. The concept, location, organisation and scope fit. There were no serious negative evaluations, in some points there is still some room for improvement. We have recorded these points in detail and are incorporating them into the planning of the next forum.