Gamers, get on the challenge at @DPF2022

Over the past 45 years, gaming has shown remarkable growth in all forms across the world. Now, gaming is everywhere in our lives, from video games to consoles, from PCs to mobile. In other words, gamification has also become a part of our social media, messaging apps, and work-life balance. No other digital media has the engagement that gaming has. At the DPF2022 we'll show you why.

Come and visit the Esports Entertainment Arena at DPF2022 to master your gaming skills in League of Legends, Rocket League and TrackMania. We're also having a program ready why gaming became that huge and what impact it has globally as the sport of digital natives. Get your questions answered from esports experts that have been invited to be live and in person in the Esports Entertainment Area.

As highlight, together with Caseking & Noble Chairs we're running a Beat-The-Pro-Challenge at DPF2022 in the Esports Entertainment Arena. Get your chance to win hot prizes by beating the esports professional Dennis "Scrapie" Heinen from the gaming organization "Sprout".

To participate simply show up in the Esports Entertainment Arena.

Find us on the second floor, Room C6.1.