AWS DeepRacer Challenge @DPF2022

Developers, start your engines

Developers of all skill levels can get hands on with machine learning through a cloud-based 3D racing simulator, fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, and an exciting live race right at the Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum. 

Get started free of charge with machine learning quickly with hands-on tutorials that help you learn the basics of machine learning, start training reinforcement learning models and test them in an exciting, autonomous car racing experience to win prizes and show your skills.

To participate, sign up for one of our introductory sessions or just bring your trained model to the event. 
Optional introductory sessions:
Friday, 15.07.2022, 11:00 or Monday, 18.07.2022, 17:30

Your gain
Besides fame and glory, you can win great speakers from Amazon:
Amazon Echo Studio 

It's free
Participation in the Challenge as part of DPF2022 is free of charge and the workshop is not mandatory.

Register now, become part of DPF2022 and rock the DeepRacer Challenge by AWS

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Will the account be charged after the challenge expires if I don't unsubscribe?

No, the accounts expire automatically after 3 days. 

Are there any costs for the participants?


Will the route be announced in advance or only on the day?

We can announce the track now. It is the 2022 Summit Speedway 

How much time does the Challenge cost?

Consulting Answer: It depends. A simple model is trained in 60 minutes. If you are ambitious, you can work on it as much as you like. Realistic are 2-4 hours for good results. 

Is the Challenge part of the DeepRacer League?

Bad typo. Participants can submit their models directly to the DeepRacer League online. However, the on-site race will not be counted as an official event 

Do participants compete directly against each other? Can teams of two enter?

Teams will compete against each other. These can be individuals of course, but we have seen good results with teams of 2 and 3. 

How long does the workshop last?

60 minutes presentation, 30 minutes Q&A (optional). 

Will code be developed locally or in the cloud?

Code will be developed in the cloud. It is also possible to do it locally, there are two open source projects on github for that. Only the cloud-based development environments are officially supported at the event. However, those who develop locally are welcome to join the race. 

Who has the rights to the finished code?

The participant/developer