Communicate. Cooperate. Inspire.

The Digital Product Forum is THE central information and interaction platform for the EDM and CAE community of the Daimler AG and its partners. Look forward to an event that connects information and inspiration in a unique way! Here are the best reasons for you to participate:

Diversity of Topics

A large number of presentations and workshops cover a wide range of topics. Additionally, the Daimler AG as well as external suppliers present a great variety of current EDM and CAE topics in the exhibition area.


Find out at first hand and across divisions the strategic aims of the Engineering IT and the CAE field.

Technology Update

Presentation of the latest technologies and innovations via external partners of the Daimler AG.

Knowledge Transfer

Keynotes and top presentations, interesting best-practice examples and active exchange on get-togethers with experts of the field will keep you up-to-date.


Global networking and an exchange of experiences with colleagues and business partners –across companies, across locations.

Participation as Qualification Measure

The participation of Daimler AG employees in the event is seen as an individual qualification measure and will be documented in eTrain.